Help your clients protect the things that
matter most with SHC Insurance Brokers

Welcome to SHC Insurance Brokers

Help your clients to navigate the complex world of insurance and protect the things that matter most with SHC Insurance Brokers.

SHC Insurance Brokers can deliver a solution for all kinds of cover requirements no matter how big or small. With access to a large range of products from leading Australian and international insurers, SHC Insurance Brokers can provide tailored advice and customised products to suit any level of personal or business insurance needs.

Not only do we make buying and renewing insurance simpler, SHC Insurance Brokers will also be there when things go wrong and clients need us the most.

Our dedicated claims team will be on hand to support you when an accident happens or disaster strikes. SHC Insurance Brokers will expertly manage the claims process on your behalf and liaise with the insurer to negotiate the best possible claims outcome, in the least possible time, and help to minimise the impact to you or your business.

Partnership Benefits

Diversify your growth and revenue.

Simple and fast to use.

Deepen client relationships.

Access to entire insurance market for client quotes.

SHC Insurance Brokers represent the insured client - not the insurer.

How it Works

Once registered, login at

Select the required product and provide your clients contact / cover details in less than 2 minutes.

SHC Insurance Brokers will then contact the client, quote and issue policy documents including a certificate of currency upon acceptance and payment.

You can monitor the live progress of all submitted leads via an online dashboard.

SHC Insurance Products

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